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Good samaritans help her

Only the sufferer knows what the pain of poverty is. A 19-year-old girl had suffered a severe burn injury when her clothes had caught fire in January 2013.

Reena’s one leg had severely burnt in the mishap. Due to non-availability of money, she could not get the necessary treatment. She could not even walk for more than six months due to her injury.

She was un

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Killer ‘Chitta’

A village in the Bet area (near the Sutlej River) in Ludhiana mourned the death of yet another addict on March 19, 2018. The 25-year-old youth used to share syringes to inject Chitta (synthetic drug/heroin). That led to him contracting Hepatitis C and AIDS.

The parents of the unmarried man had made all efforts to save his life. But, besides suffering from partial paralysis

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Unbearable pain of acid attack

A 14-year-old girl was returning home from work just like any other day in 2007, but little did she know what awaited her. A youth threw acid on the three girls including Rajwant. One of them died a few months later, the second received minor injuries, and she suffered over 25% burns.

Rajwant had suffered severe injuries on the face and the upper part of her body in the in

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Pain of poverty

Chief Minister’s Cancer Relief Fund Scheme had failed to improve the condition of 48-year-old patient Reeta. Her treatment for the cancer uterus was not started by a private hospital at Ludhiana even though the government had sanctioned Rs 91,000 for her treatment.

When she was diagnosed with cancer, some residents collected money for her treatment in August 2012. He

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