Unbearable pain of acid attack



A 14-year-old girl was returning home from work just like any other day in 2007, but little did she know what awaited her. A youth threw acid on the three girls including Rajwant. One of them died a few months later, the second received minor injuries, and she suffered over 25% burns.

Rajwant had suffered severe injuries on the face and the upper part of her body in the incident. Due to the unavailability of funds, she had not been able to get the required treatment even after six years. Her burn injuries could only be cured with plastic surgery.

She kept fighting with her pain in the absence of required funds for her treatment. Her right eye was completely damaged, while she received severe injuries in the left eye as well. Her father worked as a security guard.

What she needed was urgent surgery for the upper lips and a part of her left eye. She had some vision in her left eye, but couldn’t close it for which surgery was required. A little campaign was run to collect some funds for her treatment in July 2013.

Thanks to the donations from Good Samaritans, she had undergone the first surgery for her damaged face six years after being attacked. The doctors concerned told that after she heals from the first surgery, more surgeries to cure her face would be required. But, poverty kept increasing her woes.

Sharing her concern over acid attack on girls, she had demanded to throw acid over the culprits. “Simple jails will not be justified punishments for them. The faces of the culprits should be burnt by throwing acids only then the criminals would shy away from all such acts,” she said.

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