Killer ‘Chitta’



A village in the Bet area (near the Sutlej River) in Ludhiana mourned the death of yet another addict on March 19, 2018. The 25-year-old youth used to share syringes to inject Chitta (synthetic drug/heroin). That led to him contracting Hepatitis C and AIDS.

The parents of the unmarried man had made all efforts to save his life. But, besides suffering from partial paralysis, his liver was also severely damaged. His father said, “We had sent our son to Dubai last year to work in a company there. The firm had rejected his job application as he was found positive for Hepatitis C there. He returned a day before Dussehra.”

“My son was a good carpenter, but he would spend all his earnings on drugs. After returning from Dubai, he started taking treatment of hepatitis. We took him to two different de-addiction centres in Ludhiana, but he returned to drugs both times,” he said. Later he was also diagnosed with HIV positive. It was a disaster for us.”

“Days before his death, he had 105° F fever; still he asked us to arrange Chitta,” the distraught father said.

Similar desperation hit a family in another village too, where a 32-year-old addict died in December 2017. He is survived by his wife and a son.

His father-in-law had told “My son-in-law had sold his 1.5 ‘Kila’ agricultural land to buy heroin, after starting with sedative pills. In the last year of his life, he had started injecting heroin. He suffered from multiple conditions, including Hepatitis C; his kidneys and liver were severely affected. He is no more, but everyone knows the drugs continue to be available to other young men.”

A Small Village –
Kul Gehna, around 30 kilometres from Ludhiana -had turned into a police camp as Chitta had claimed the lives of the three youngsters on May 2016. No outsiders were being allowed to enter inside the village because the sources from police had claimed that 90 per cent of the houses were allegedly involved in the smuggling of Chitta.

As the villagers mourn the death of their kin, used spoons, syringes and lighters were seen lying in fields of the village. Around 40-50 villagers were at the Bhog ceremony of a youngster, who stayed at the home of his in-laws and died some days ago allegedly due to drugs. But, no one was willing to talk about the cause of his death.

Despite many youngsters have lost their life due to Chitta, the drugs are easily available in the market. The successive governments have failed to eradicate the drugs in the state. The drug smugglers are running their trade without any fear of law.

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