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Only the sufferer knows what the pain of poverty is.

In January 2013, a tragic incident left a 19-year-old girl named Reena with severe burn injuries when her clothes caught fire. Despite the excruciating pain and the inability to walk for over six months, Reena's determination to regain her mobility remained unwavering. However, financial constraints posed a significant obstacle to her treatment. In this blog post, we delve into Reena's story, highlighting the compassion and support she received from the community, which ultimately led to her successful surgery and relief from the unbearable pain she had endured for far too long.

A Difficult Journey:
Reena's life took a drastic turn after the accident, leaving her with a severely burnt leg. Sadly, the lack of financial resources prevented her from seeking the necessary treatment promptly. The distressing reality was that she couldn't even walk, causing immense physical and emotional challenges for her.

The Cost of Healing:
The medical professionals who assessed Reena's condition recommended surgery, which came with a hefty price tag of Rs 80,000. Unfortunately, her father, a rickshaw puller, couldn't afford such a significant expense. The scorching days of June further exacerbated their struggles, with the family lacking the funds even to repair their malfunctioning ceiling fan.

A Cry for Help:
Recognizing the dire circumstances, Reena's mother made a heartfelt appeal to the public for financial assistance. The response was nothing short of remarkable. Several compassionate individuals, including a mall manager, doctor, and school principal, stepped forward to donate funds for Reena's treatment.

The Generous Contributions:
Kamal Chinda, the manager at an under-construction mall near Fountain Chowk, was particularly moved by Reena's plight. He donated approximately Rs 45,000 and rallied his company's employees to contribute as well. Witnessing the pain Reena endured without access to treatment inspired him to make a difference in her life.

Overcoming Obstacles:
Initially, doctors at Civil Hospital suggested that Reena be taken to Rajindra Hospital in Patiala or PGIMER in Chandigarh for further treatment. However, financial constraints prevented her family from seeking medical help beyond their city's borders. This limitation further underscored the importance of the community's support in alleviating Reena's suffering.

A New Lease on Life:
Thanks to the incredible generosity of numerous donors, Reena finally underwent surgery at a reputable city hospital. Her mother expressed immense gratitude for the financial assistance and shared that her daughter had found relief from the unbearable pain she had endured for several months. The heartfelt support from individuals who cared made a profound impact on Reena's life and her journey towards recovery.

Reena's story showcases the power of compassion and community support in overcoming adversity. Despite the financial constraints that initially hindered her treatment, the kindness of strangers helped transform her life. Reena's inspiring journey serves as a reminder that even in the face of overwhelming challenges, acts of generosity and empathy can bring hope and healing to those who need it most.

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